Oil & Gas

Unrivelled experience in Oil & Gas

Hertel has decades of experience in the Oil & Gas sector, the expertise we can offer our customers is unrivalled on a global scale. Today, Hertel can be found in every major industrial region in Europe, the Middle East, Caspian and Asia Pacific. We deliver safe and efficient services that help our customers achieve their goals, be that building the refineries, LNG terminals and tank terminals of the future to meet the continuously growing demand, or providing highly efficient maintenance services for existing assets, increasing uptime and driving value innovation.


With operations strategically located around the key LNG developments of the world, Hertel has brought together a team of uniquely qualified professionals experienced in the demands of LNG development, operation and maintenance.

Hertel established itself as a worldwide leader in LNG Insulation systems, mechanical manufacturing and equipment erection, fire proofing, scaffolding access and corrosion protection. Hertel’s experience with a broad range of geography’s, plant delivery strategies and process technologies has provided the framework for the establishment of its own global LNG ‘Centre of Competence’ group. Drawing together its global knowledge to further support the development of unique techniques that improve the productive application of cryogenic insulation.


Every year, Hertel carries out over a million man-hours in shutdown and overhaul projects. Such projects are logistically demanding, and it is through our proven reliability that customers trust us to projects on time and on budget.