Corrosion Protection

The painting workshop is located next to our prefabrication workshop to which it is connected by crane runways. The corrosion protection is applied by our subsidiary KSE Bautenschutz.The integration of the paintshop into our prefabrication workshop in Leipzig guarantees an optimal logistic process from the receipt of materials to the final coated pipe spools.

This modern and efficient stationary manufacturing plant enables us to produce products of the highest quality standards for our customers. We also demonstrate our responsibility to the environment by the use of the latest equipment and technologies in the painting sphere. A state of the art process dryer minimizes drying times and guarantees optimum throughput times.

Range of products and services

We provide, among others, corrosion protection services in the chemical industry, hydraulic engineering and in general steel construction.

Our services include: 

 In addition to the services above, there is the possibility of taking over services at construction site (e.g. repair of transportation and assembly damages or application of the last top coat on the spot).

Of course, we advise you professionally in the realization and documentation of your project.


In our production facility in Leipzig we work with the following equipment: