Fire proofing

Hertel provides the application of high quality fireproofing systems for customers in oil & gas, process, energy and offshore.

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Klaus Rauch

Preventive and structural fire protection

We offer our customers supply and installation of Vermiculite cement plaster (Fendolite) or epoxy resin (e.g. Chartek) as well as services around structural fire protection (e.g. soft / rigid bulkheads, cable trays, pipe and wall ducts). We also attach layer thicknesses for all fire resistance classes, protecting load-bearing structural parts made ​​from steel or concrete from the effects of fire.

Our experienced staff provides fire protection according to the valid certificates and approvals (e.g. BAM / MPA / Lloyd's).

Hertel systems are among others used for: 

  • Steel beams and columns 
  • Ball and storage tanks 
  • Skirted and supporting structures of steel 
  • Wall / pipe / ceiling penetrations 
  • ventilation ducts