Thermal Insulation

Reduction of energy usage and energy efficiency are important measures for reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering emissions. Insulation directly contributes. 

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Enormous energy saving potentials

Next to raw materials, energy represents the largest single cost element of most manufacturing processes. Hertel recognise thermal insulation as a valuable investment and a tremendous asset to energy conservation and process efficiency.
Properly maintained insulation contributes significantly to a plant’s operating bottom line, in turn helping to reduce CO2 emissions, carbon footprint and operating costs. 

An average sized plant has around:

Therefore, significant untapped energy saving potential exists. Quantifying this damaged or missing insulation and calculating the associated energy loss is a unique service offered by Hertel.

Plant Integrity

Hertel gives companies insights into the options regarding energy reduction and decreasing CO2 emissions. We help clients to visualise the costs and corresponding repayment period that go hand  in hand  with the improvements to be carried out. With our advice, our clients are perfectly primed to reduce their energy usage and to curb losses resulting from gas leaks, etc. 

Multidisciplinary approach

Hertel is famous within the market for its multidisciplinary approach. We are able to offer insulation works in a complete package, together with scaffolding and painting, for example.

Hertel can deliver complete management for a turnaround or shut-down of a plant in which insulation works are to be carried out. Naturally, we are happy to take work preparation and full implementation into account.

We supply and install mineral insulation materials in form of mats, trays, cords and boards, or as bulk materials.

Services Thermal Insulation

Tailored to the surface that needs to be protected and the intended use, Hertel will supply and install sheetings made of fibreglass, aluminium, steel and stainless steel sheet material.

Hertel systems are used in, for instance:

  • steam boilers 
  • flue gas ducts 
  • steam and condensate systems 
  • product pipelines and tank facilities


Hertel places great importance on sustainable business. This is why we are involved as board members of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF). The EiiF is a foundation set up to highlight the importance of sustainable insulation across industry in the whole of Europe. 

Our Plant Integrity experts are members of the EiiF technical commission (European Industrial Insulation Foundation).

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