Hertel offers installation and maintenance services of mechanical systems such as structural steelwork, process equipment, pipework, tanks and vessels.

Maintenance and Shutdown Services

Hertel have been carrying out mechanical shutdowns and maintenance for over 20 years, including work on:

Fabrication Capabilities

We specialise in the fabrication of structural steel, piles & pile guides, plate girders, pressure vessels and pipework. Our facilities utilise a highly skilled work force supported by modern fabrication, cutting and welding techniques.

Range of materials used:

Range of welding and inspection processes

  • Manual metal arc
  • TIG/Orbital TIG
  • Flux cored
  • Submerged arc
  • Brazing/soldering
  • Oxy propane and plasma cutting
  • NDT, PMI and Pressure Testing facilities
  • Third Party Stress Relieving
  • Machining Capabilities - Light to medium range capability: CNC turning and milling, boring, drilling, honing, slotting, grinding
  • Sheet Metal Forming - Ducting, guards, cladding, shields, filters, etc.

On Site Machining Services

  • Bolting service - Tightening of bolts using hydraulic torque equipment & integrity checking of assembled flange joints
  • Flange facing - Capability up to 3m diameter
  • Pipe cutting and preparation - straight cut, standard bevel and ‘J’ preparation on pipework up to 2032mm diameter
  • Boring & stud removal - boring and stud removal is available covering all major sizes up to 76 mm
  • Heat exchanger work – tube pulling, tube plugging and testing. Hydraulic pulling machines used for tubes up to 63mm diameter.