Hertel fabricates pipes for the petrochemical, chemical, process and energy industries, covering the most advanced standards of material-choice, fabrication-process and quality-assurance.

Piping Prefabrication

Our pipe prefabrication system, with our own personnel and state of the art machinery and equipment guarantees our customers maximum productivity at minimum cost.
The central pipe prefabrication workshop is located in the Leipzig industrial estate with an ideal infrastructure and transport connections close to the motorway and airport.

This enables us to carry out projects for our customers:

  • cost-effective
  • flexible
  • at high quality standards and
  • to highest safety standards

We have at our disposal, state of the art technology, such as

  • computer-controlled automated cutting machine for spools (plasma and autogenous) for pipe diameters up to 48"
  • Rotoweld 2000 automatic welding machine for pipes up to 24"
  • mobile orbital welding machines for pipes up to 32" and
  • Four 10 tonne gantry cranes, as well as two 5 tonne gantry cranes

The latest technology, superb organization and a complete digital process means we can offer our entire range of products and services at competitive prices:

  • Spool fabrication
  • CAD-controlled technical processing (Spoolgen program)
  • Documentation in accordance with project specifications as well as inspections
  • Cutting pipes and steel sections
  • Beveling of pipes, nozzles and nozzle cut-outs
  • Welding: WIG, MAG, E and orbital


Hertel constructs complete piping systems throughout the world:

  • for all liquids, solids and gases
  • for all pressures and temperatures
  • from all materials such as steel, stainless steel and plastic
  • for all sizes and dimensions
  • for every position, height and depth
  • complying with all standards, regulations and rules

in large scale plants, small scale plants and in all fields of maintenance.

Project Management

Our project management system guarantees that all services will be delivered in time and within budget.

Hertel constructs complete piping systems throughout the world:

in large scale plants, small scale plants and in all fields of maintenance.

Hertel’s project management system is a self-developed software which has grown and been developed during the last 20 years by constant adjustments as a result of growing and changing client and project requirement. It is used to compile all project information starting from the receipt of material up to the final documentation. The system enables us to control and monitor all project related work steps:

We ensure that project management is always carried out by the same teams, thus we guarantee that the work is performed in a coordinated and structured manner.

Efficient subcontractor management is of great importance while conducting complex projects. All necessary procedures for efficient subcontractor coordination have been implemented in our project management system, to ensure that all the work steps will be carried out to schedule.

Our concept underlines our wide range of expertise in industrial and plant construction and forms the basis of dynamic long-term partnerships.