Asbest removal

Hertel: experienced in asbestos removal and asbestos abatement works since 1975.

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Safety is key

During the removal of asbestos the safety of people and the environment are of utmost importance. With a dedicated mobile, fully equipped and trained workforce we can guarantee immediate, safe and cost effective solutions to your asbestos problems.

Our Services include: 


  • Asbestos Surveys type 1, 2 and 3 according to the new provisions for asbestos at work 2002 (regulation 4, asbestos control). 

Encapsulation / impregnation 

  • Protection covers, plus coating damaged areas outside with Ideneden, Spraycote ET-150th 
  • Paneling of damaged areas 
  • Impregnation with liquid binders, for protection against spread of fibers 

Asbestos removal 

  • Provision of a detailed procedure
  • Multi-needle pressure units for wet stripping process 
  • Large enclosures for asbestos removal 
  • Asbe-bag removal for isolated areas 

Transport and landfill